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Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Thoughts are things! And powerful things at that, when mixed with definiteness of purpose, and burning desire, can be translated into riches.

Shopify Experts

Shopify has grown to an amazing tool over the years and we use it to create clean and converting ecommerce stores.
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Product Sourcing in China

It has never been easier to go global. We source all of our products directly in China, which provides a constant pool of new products and ideas.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Our main expertise is understanding consumer and market behavior to market products ahead of any competition. We aim to create brand awareness using multi-layer campaign setups to turn shoppers into buyers for an extended LTV.

MVP Testing

Tests, tests & more tests! We are setting up a process and launch plan that allows us to test our ideas using an MVP (minimal viable product) store and once it has proven to work, we will go in depth and full scale.

Box02: Who We Are

We are a team of marketers, ecommerce experts and former business consultants fully dedicated to creating and growing ecommerce businesses. We are modern structured and allow remote work – therefor it’s not uncommon that we respond to your emails late at night or even on weekends, because we simply love our jobs and enjoy watching over our business.

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Why We Are Different


Years of success

After years of helping clients, we now solely run our own ecommerce business


We are structured

We are a team of integrators moving organized and with an incredible execution speed.


We failed so many times

We failed in so many ways and learnt from all of that. We keep moving, we keep testing, we keep trying new things.


International setup

Our team members come from different cultures but have one thing in common: we are driven to build and have an international mindset

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Our team

Sebastian Wolff 2020


Founder & CEO

Building, scaling and selling e-commerce businesses since 2015. Google & Facebook Ads guru. Expert for operations and backend. Speaks German and English and some French, Spanish, Thai and Chinese.


Operations & Backend

Being able to understand complex matters easily, Riste is our true backend hero and lifesaver when things break or when new setups are being tested. Riste speaks Macedonian, English & Serbian.
Default Placeholder Avatar Profile on Gray Background. Man


Content & SEO

Proud dog owner. Managing the content team and overseeing all content creation, email marketing and on-page SEO.


Sourcing & Quality Control

With years of experience in sourcing countless products in China, Joy is leading our sourcing team, finding new products and managing supplier relations. Speaks Chinese and English.


Customer Support

Happy family dad and a big fan of Jollibee food. Fully dedicated to taking care of our awesome customers. Speaks English and Tagalog.
Lisa Finch


Graphics & Design

Photoshop addict and passionate social media content creator.

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